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Why Us?

The Highest Standards

Providing the Best Pups Possible

Our superior pups are confident, easy to train, ready to bond with their new families, and take on the world! This is because of our program that has the highest standards for our daily curriculum and breeding.

Health-Tested Pups
Temperment- Tested
Advanced Curriculum
Unconditionally Loved

Our Goal & Mission

To develop lasting relationships through our incredible dogs and puppies. To touch lives, heal hearts, and make a difference through the love, care, and training we provide our dogs.

Who We Are

Our Party of 4

Hello and welcome to Turkey Creek K-9! My name is Angela and we are so happy to meet you! This is our family, my husband Kevin, Myself, and our two beloved children Cody and Reagan. We live on a 12 acre homestead in Northeast Indiana and it is here that our adventure began. Kevin and I both grew up with dogs and we couldn’t imagine our lives any other way. We are animal lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who love camping, hiking, and homesteading. We are passionate about the health and happiness of our dogs. With health tested parents, we intentionally raise and train puppies with one of the best programs available. Prior to puppy selections, each puppy will complete individual temperament assessments and evaluations. We are so excited to see where this journey leads us and all the fur babies we get to love on and all the friendships we will gain! We can’t imagine anything better than bringing puppies and people together!

We look forward to hearing from you!
Kevin, Angela, Cody, and Reagan

Turkey Creek K-9 is proud to be named by Doodle Doods as a top ethical Bernedoodle breeder.

The Breeding Program

Advanced Service Dog Curriculum

The Bad Ass Breeder way is 8 week curriculum that builds confidence, nerve strength, and startle recovery in puppies. It empowers puppies to be the best they can be. This curriculum allows us to produce puppies that are equipped to enter the world as a service dog or family companion.

Health Tested Adults

We value the health of our dogs and only produce high quality puppies, and we offer a 2 year health guarantee within our contract that follows the health recommendation from our veterinarian. We offer this guarantee because we are confident in the puppies we are producing. We do genetic testing and OFA testing on our parent dogs to ensure that we are not only breeding beautiful dogs but also happy and healthy dogs.

GoodDog Breeder

We are proud to be a Prefered GoodDog breeder! We have been extensively screened and recognized for our responsible and ethical breeding program, and complying to GoodDog's standards.

Scam Free Sale

In our constant fight against online scams, we are proud to be verified with TellTail!

Loyalty Referral Program

For every family who refers a family to us and they purchase a puppy from us, you will receive a $100.00 via cash for locals or Venmo for others as a personal gift from US. Our puppy families are seriously the greatest, I wanted to find a personal way to thank them even more for their recommendations to our program. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for choosing us here at Turkeycreek-k9 and for trusting and supporting us!

My Loyal Hound

We send our puppies home with four weeks of training from My Loyal Hound. This helps us set each family and puppy up for a successful transition, helps through those first few stressful weeks, and sets both up for a lifetime of happiness!

Trupanion Health Insurance

Each puppy goes home with 30 days of Pet Insurance from Trupanion. With so many things to do, the last thing you want to think about is your new furry friend getting into mischief. Medical insurance for pets can be an important step in sending your new puppy off with their best paw forward, which is why we've partnered with Trupanion. As a partner with Trupanion, we are able to offer you immediate insurance coverage through the Go Home Day Offer. This offer will provide the first month of coverage for your new pet with no upfront cost or obligation to enroll. Most importantly - you will get waived waiting periods, meaning your puppy will be immediately covered for any new accidents or illnesses.

Temperament Tested Puppies

Ne have completed the Puppy Evaluation course and have attended multiple BAB Seminars live. We have been certified to evaluate our puppies with accuracy, to help us place puppies in the right homes with the right families.