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Health Guarantee

Purpose of the Health Guarantee

This form is to be filled out after an application but before puppy pickup day. On pickup day, this form will be signed in-person, or if transportation is necessary, alternate arrangements will be made to obtain signatures.
Health Guarantee Form
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Sex of Puppy


1) Never to be used for breeding and will need to be spayed/neutered at a appropriate age.
2) All puppies are sold on a strict spay/neuter agreement (no breeding rights) unless discussed and agreed upon in advance. The breeder must receive proof of the spay/neuter procedure having been performed no later than the puppy becoming 18 months of age, unless recommended by licensed veterinarian to wait. The breeder must receive proof from veterinarian of the recommendation or proof of procedure within 14 days of puppies 18 month or completion of the surgery. If the breeder does not receive proof by required date, the entire health guarantee will be void, and it will be assumed the dog is being used for breeding. Failure to comply with this contract, by the dates specified, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, will be considered a breach of contract. The buyer will be liable upon notice, to pay the breeder the sum of $5000.00 for breeding rights and an additional $3000 per puppy born.
3) In the event that due to the dog's health, this agreement can not be honored, the breeder must be provided with a statement from a veterinarian, and based on the veterinarian'sevaluation of this dog, the buyer will contact the breeder with the earliest date the procedure can be performed. The buyer will notify the breeder of this amendment in writing, at which time, all other conditions of this contract will apply and be enforced. It is the responsibility of the buyer, not the veterinarian, to ensure that the breeder has received verification that the surgery has been performed. Please email verification to
4) 72 HOUR WELLNESS: The breeder guarantee's that your puppy will be in good health at the time of purchase and will be current on all vaccines and deworming (according to age) as stated on the puppy's health record. You are required to take your puppy to a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving your puppy. A copy of the veterinarian health report must be provided to the breeder or the health guarantee portion of this contract will be voided. Please email to This guarantee does not include injuries incurred on the buyers part after the puppy is in the buyer's possession. Breeder does not guarantee size, color, temperament, or shedding factor.
5) CONGENITAL OR HEREDITARY FINDINGS: At the time of the veterinarian examination, should your veterinarian find any serious congenital or hereditary health risk with the dog, contact me within 24 hours. A written diagnosis explaining and confirming a serious health issue must be submitted from the veterinarian to the breeder. A puppy may not be determined a serious health risk on account of an injury sustained or illness contracted after the buyer takes possession of the dog. The breeder reserves the right to ask for a second corroborating diagnosis from a licensed veterinarian. The second diagnosis will be preformed by a veterinarian of the breeders choice. If the puppy is found to be in serious health risk, a cash return in the account of the buyers dog payment will be given. All documentation must be supplied and the dog returned to the breeder as per request prior to the cash return being issued. If the buyer elects to keep the dog, buyer assumes all responsibility. In such case, there will be no cash return, and no additional medical issue will be covered by this guarantee. Once the buyer accepts ownership of the dog, veterinarian fees and any other service associated with the dog, will be paid by the buyer. No replacement puppy or refund will be given if the puppy/dog is euthanized without the sellers permission, if the puppy/dog is allowed to get overweight or under weight at any time, or any physical problems which are, or could be, the result of injury and are not covered by this warranty. Your puppy is guaranteed until two years of age against life threatening congenital disorders. If an issue occurs, written proof explaining and confirming the life threatening congenital disorder must be submitted to the breeder from a licensed veterinarian or specialist as the disorder necessitates. Specific diagnostic testing must be performed to confirm the congenital disorder. The breeder reserves the right to ask for a second corroborating and confirming diagnosis. The second diagnosis will be preformed by a licensed veterinarian or specialist of breeders choice. In the unfortunate event that the puppy becomes deceased prior to confirmation of a life threatening congenital disorder, the breeder reserves the right to request a necropsy. If a life threatening congenital disorder is confirmed, a cash return in the amount of the buyers puppy payment will be issued by the breeder. All documentation must be supplied prior to the cash return being issued. This health agreement is only applicable to the original purchaser. If dog is sold or re homed this warranty is canceled. Please note that we do not guarantee for undescended testicles, small umbilical hernias, and proper bites, as these do not affect the pet quality of your dog and will not affect their health or lifespan.
6) NOT COVERED: Breeder is not responsible for Parvo, Distemper, Corona Virus, after 48 hours of sale. These are highly contagious diseases and can be contacted after leaving the breeder's premises. The breeder has taken all precaution and has done everything possible to prevent normal puppy conditions from occurring, like, but not limited to, Coccidiosis, Giardia, kennel cough, parasites, or any other bacterial infections. These conditions can be brought onby the stress of being re homed. These are all treatable and not reasons to warrant a return or exchange. Breeder is not responsible to cover the cost of parasites, worms, or urinary tract infections or any other vet bills or expenses. The Breeder makes no guarantees in regards to the loss of the dog because of accidental death, theft, sickness, cancer, or any other loss beyond the Breeder's control.
7) PUPPY PICKUP: The buyer has 14 days after the puppy is eight weeks of age to make arrangements for pick up or delivery, failure to comply will result in breeder regaining full possession of puppy.


1) Provide proper care, will provide routine veterinary care, proper nutrition and exercise, and avoidance of stress injuries.
2) If at any time the buyer is unable to keep or care for the puppy/dog, the puppy shall be returned to the breeder with full ownership, or rehomed by the buyer with the breeders prior written approval. Without any refunds or payments due to buyer.
3) TurkeyCreek-K9 requires the buyer to keep the puppy/dog on a regular vaccination schedule and routine de-worming by a licensed veterinarian. TurkeyCreek-K9 also requires that the puppy/dog be kept on a monthly heartworm preventative.
4) It is the Buyer’s responsibility after the Buyer receives the puppy/dog and until the completion of the puppy/dog shots to keep the puppy/dog away from public places such as parks, puppy classes, and pet stores. Until the puppy’s/dog’s vaccinations are completed, the puppy’s/dog’s immunity is not strong enough to be exposed to dangerous viruses.
5) NON TRANSFERRABLE GUARANTEE: This health guarantee is between TurkeyCreek-K9 and the Buyer as listed, and does not transfer ownership if the Puppy is sold or transferred. The Buyer and TurkeyCreek-K9 agree to terms and conditions of this health guarantee and the spay/neuter agreement.
6) LEGAL ACTION TERMS: Buyer has read and understands the two Year Health Guarantee. Should legal action arise, all legal and court fees incurred by the buyer are the responsibility of the buyer. All legal action will need to take place in Steuben County Indiana. The breeder and the buyer understand and accept the terms of this contract by their signatures.
Clear Signature
By signing here, this constitutes as a legal and binding health guarantee.