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Our dogs live here with us at our 12 acre homestead or are in wonderful forever guardian homes. We health test our parent dogs to help ensure, not only are our parent dogs healthy and happy, but that we are building our program to raise healthy and happy puppies.


Rosie is a AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. She adores children and loves being around her family.
She is such a gentle dog and is a wonderful mama. She has such an old soul and loves lounging around and taking naps. Rosie weighs 65 lbs.


Jenny is a 19 lb Mini F1 Goldendoodle. She is such a playful dog. Jenny has an outgoing, happy-go-lucky personality.


Sophie is an AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. At 95 lbs she is our biggest Bernese mama, and she has the biggest heart and is such a playful girl. Always ready for a game of fetch.


Bella is an AKC registered Bernese Mountain dog that weighs 70 lbs. She is a people oriented dog and is so full of personality! Bella is always the first one at the door to go outside and she loves to go on walks and car rides.


Katie is a AKC registered Bernese Mountain dog that weighs 81 lbs. This girl is such a lover and desires nothing more then to please her humans. She has such a laid back personality and you can always find her sleeping on the A/C vent or chilling in a shady spot.


Laney is an AKC registered Bernese Mountain dog that weighs 92 lbs. This big girl is an independent and loyal dog, she is always on guard duty, and lets us know whenever we have a visitor. She loves to run and play and meal time is her favorite time of day.


Riley is our F1 Mini Bernedoodle, she weighs in at 21 lbs. You will not find a friendlier dog! She is the wiggliest, happiest pup in our home and is always the first one to greet you. All she wants in life is to be a lap dog, be with her humans, and be loved on.



Luca is 46 lb gorgeous registered Standard Poodle. He is a Tr color with intense non fading tan points. He is such a loving dog, loves to snuggle, and is so well behaved.




Petey is a 22 lb registered Merle Tri Poodle that is very people oriented and loves to please. He is an adventurous dog that excels in obstacle courses and wants to work.


    Trump is a 17.5 lb registered Poodle. He is a beautiful Phantom Merle color and has the wonderful outgoing Poodle personality.


    Kobe is a stunning AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog that has the perfect Bernese conformation and temperament. He adores people and has no idea he weighs 125 lbs. He is quite athletic and agile for his size, and is a huge teddy bear!

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