Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions reach out! We are happy to help answer anything about our puppies or program.

Where are you located and what if im not local?

We are located in Hudson, Indiana. If your not local, we can arrange a local meet-up, schedule FaceTime calls, and have multiple transportation options!

Do you do health testing?

Yes, we want to breed the healthiest puppies possible and that starts with happy healthy parents! All of our parents are health tested or in the process of completing all their health testing. We do genetic testing as well as OFA’s.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We only accept cash, Zelle, Venmo, or GoodDog payments. We do not accept checks.

What will I receive with my puppy?

You will receive “4 Week Puppy System” online training course, a Go-Home bag with a binder of all their records & paperwork, a 2 yr Health Guarantee, Puppy Handbook,scented blanket, puppy food, 30 days of Trupanion Pet Insurance, and a assortment of other goodies for your puppy! 

How can I reserve a puppy?

You must fill out a application and be approved before you can be placed on our waitlist. A $500 non refundable deposit is required to be placed on our waitlist. Once your application is approved, and reservation fee has been received, you will be placed on the master waitlist. The waitlist operates on a first come, first served basis. In order of reservations received. Puppy selections go in order of waitlist. TurkeyCreek-K9 reserves the right for 1st and 2nd pick of each litter for our breeding program.

What are your prices?

Our current prices are $2500 for Pet Homes Only

How can I meet the puppies?

Contact us to make an appointment to schedule a meet up or a FaceTime call to meet our puppies. For the safety of our children and our puppies, we do not allow in home visits, but we are always happy to visit virtually or make an appointment for a meet-up. We appreciate your understanding of our commitment to the safety of our dogs, puppies, and our family!

What food is the puppy on & how often should I feed my puppy?

Our puppies are on PawTree Sweet Potato/Chicken recipe dog food. We strongly encourage our families to keep their puppy on the same food for at least the first 30 days to avoid digestive upset and issues. There is a direct link on our website to order your own PawTree food for your new puppy, and we do have a coupon code for your purchase!

Do you offer breeding rights?

We do occasionally offer breeding rights to pre approved programs. Contact us for details.

What does generation mean?

An F1 Generation is a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog or a Golden Retreiver bred to a purebred Poodle. An F2 is F1’s bred together. An F1b is an F1 bred back to either purebred foundation breed, but is most commonly bred back to a Poodle. A multigeneration is any two Doodles bred together (unless they are both F1’s).

What sizes do yo offer and how big will they get?

While it is impossible to fully predict the adult size of our puppies, we do our best to give you our best estimate! Many breeders have different size descriptions and standards. Having said that, here is ours at TurkeyCreek-K9…

Petite Doodles: 25 lbs or less, and around 14 inches tall or less

Mini Doodles: 26-35 lbs and 14-17 inches tall

Medium Doodles: 36-50 lbs and 17-21 inches tall

Standard Doodles: 51-70 lbs and 22 inches or taller

What does coat type mean?

There are four different coat types Doodles can have. The spectrum ranges from the least curly to curliest as follows: 

Flat Coat- No curl & no furnishings on the face. 

Straight Coat- No Curl with furnished face

Wavy Coat-Wavy Hair and face furnishings

Curly Coat-Overall curly coat and curly face

Do doodles shed?

While we can not guarantee the shedding qualities of each individual puppy, we breed for quality and generally low to no shedding. 

What are my transportation options?
  1. Meet-Up or Drive Towards You We can arrange a meet-up locally (within 30 minute drive) free of charge, or we can drive towards you with your puppy and meet you at your desired location (up to 3 hours) from Hudson, Indiana. TurkeyCreek-K9 charges $1.50 per mile for this option and price is based on round trip mileage.
  2. Meet at FortWayne or SouthBend Airport We will bring your puppy to the airport free of charge. You as the buyer are responsible for arranging all travel plans, airline requirements, and any costs associated with traveling with your puppy.
  3. Flight Nanny We can either hire a Flight Nanny or we will be your Personal Flight Nanny. Prices vary on location and date.
  4.  Ground Transportation:  We can arrange ground transportation to your door from one of our trusted pet transport companies. Prices vary on location and date.
Do you have a guardian program?

In order to fulfill our commitment to give our dogs the attention and love they deserve with their forever family, yes we offer a Guardian Home Program. A Guardian Home is a permanent forever  home for one of our breeding females or males. This is a opportunity for a family to receive a puppy or dog through our program at no cost while we retain the breeding rights. You must live within 2 hours of Hudson, Indiana. Please reach out to see if you qualify and to start the screening process. 

Do you have a referral or Discount Program?

Yes we have a Loyalty Referal Program! For every family that refers someone to us and they purchase a puppy, you will receive a $100 Venmo gift as a personal thank you gift from us. We also offer discounts to Military, Police, Firefighters, First Responders, and of course past puppy families. We truly have the greatest puppy families and we here at TurkeyCreek-K9 want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us and supporting us!

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